Soul Sourced Entrepreneur Book - Christine Kane

The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur

An Unconventional Success Plan for the Highly Creative, Secretly Sensitive, and Wildly Ambitious

Can you succeed in business when your strength is more about sensitivity than swagger? If you're moved by meaning, more than manipulation? In other words: Can you succeed while still being you?

Christine Kane is living proof that the answer is yes.

Far too many of us have swallowed the notion that business owners have to be a certain way to be successful—strategy-obsessed, data-driven, and relentlessly aggressive. Bookstore shelves are lined with guides for entrepreneurs that urge them to "Crush it! "10X It!" or "Unf**k it!" Those who aren't crushers or unf**kers of anything are left wondering if something's wrong with them. Like,maybe they're just not cut out for business.

A former songwriter and performer, and then founder of Uplevel YOU—a multi-million-dollar business coaching company—Christine Kane shows a new class of entrepreneurs another way. It's time to connect, not crush. In The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur, Kane shares the insights that have helped thousands find success without losing themselves.

In these pages, readers will find a practical plan to:

  • Toss out ineffective, old-school goal-setting models.
  • Reframe your intuition and sensitivity as valuable assets, not as flaws to hide.
  • Examine old patterns for clues as to what's been holding you back.
  • Clean up the spaces and distractions draining your energy and power.
  • Learn to confidently trust in your own wisdom.
  • Break free from fear-based decision-making that plagues most businesses.

Throughout the book, you'll hear stories from other soul-sourced entrepreneurs, who employ their own reliable, unique set of best practices based as much in intuition and self-awareness as on specific skills and strategies.

Forget business as usual. Your business is personal, and in this new era, authenticity, creativity, and sensitivity are what set businesses apart. The Soul-Sourced Entrepreneur is your unconventional plan to build the business of your dreams, and being wildly successful by being you.

Our Customers Love Us

"Do you want to know how entrepreneurship is being redefined? By ditching the winner-take-all tactics, and leaning into authenticity and integrity. Christine Kane's book shows you how to achieve the business of your dreams, the right way."

- Mike Michalowicz, author of Fix This Next and Profit First

"If you want to be successful, powerful, and influential, but are repulsed by admonishments to crush, hack, manipulate, and succeed through pure 24/7 aggression, this is the book you’ve been waiting for. In this inspiring and practical guide, Kane points to those qualities you may have deemed problematic—vulnerability, sensitivity, creativity, intuition—as the path to lasting success."

- Susan Piver, New York Times bestselling author and founder of The Open Heart Project

"Finally, a business guide that celebrates that business is personal and vulnerability is strength. Christine Kane’s approach to entrepreneurship deepens our integrity, clarity, and connection to others. Eye-opening, affirming, and downright practical . . . a must-read for all mindful, vision-driven business owners."

- Kristine Carlson, New York Times bestselling coauthor of the Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff series

Soul Sourced - Author of The Soul Sourced Entrepreneur

Meet Christine Kane

Christine Kane (author of Soul-Sourced™) is the founder of Uplevel YOU, a leading multi-million dollar business-coaching company that specializes in teaching a unique "Strategy & Soul" approach that transforms creative entrepreneurs who are barely getting by into wildly successful business owners-on their terms. Uplevel YOU was a natural evolution from Christine's 15-year career in the music industry. While she was producing seven CDs on her own label and selling more than 100,000 copies, she also tirelessly studied marketing, sales, psychology . . . and how not to take everything so freaking personally. Christine never had a single investor; she started both her music business and Uplevel YOU from scratch. Turns out, entrepreneurs and scrappy artists have a lot in common. She self-learned to do it all step-by-step and now shares this wisdom with her clients, so they finally get it, apply it, and, well, make sh*tloads more money. She lives in Asheville, NC, where she hikes, hugs trees, rescues far too many cats and dogs, and can back squat 200 pounds.



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